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People suffering from lung and respiratory illness like asthma are at an increased risk of health complications especially during this time. The smog that is created on Diwali is responsible for a number of accidents due to reduced visibility. Crackers are not only injurious to health but can also cause injuries to the individuals, especially to the children.

Funny homework analogies from the festival of light joy to the festival of pollution destruction. Kanchan Chadha, a housewife says, "My family will be celebrating Diwali by having a get together.

This festival of goodwill can be celebrated in a number of ways other than bursting firecrackers. Firecrackers are terrible public nuisance especially to the sick, infants and senior citizens.

These problems are also faced by us and these crackers often lead to temporary or permanent deafness. The effect of this ban has been very positive and the sale of firecrackers has considerably gone down.

A human ear can bear a maximum of 85 decibels. This is a point to ponder for our public, which should be made aware of the ill-effects of bursting crackers during a festival associated with joy, peace and prosperity.

Would that ring a bell. In many cases, Children have lost their lives or have lost their eyesight by not litting the crackers properly. Firecrackers are known to cause air pollution as well as noise pollution and are extremely harmful for senior citizens and small children.

We are encouraging and promoting the celebration of Diwali with colours, flowers, sweets, rangoli, etc. It is not joy but shock that fills their innocent minds.

If crackers are not fired properly they might cause wounds on the parts of body which is exposed to them.

All the other sources are important for our living despite their ill effects. These are very much harmful to human health and also to the environment around us. Sometimes the rockets firework may not be launched properly and could end up burning down a hut near by.

Environmental Pollution refers to medical case study pdf introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment. Preview text Environmental pollution is one of the main threats for our planet.

You may wonder why and how. Air pollution Firecrackers when burnt release a large amount of very tiny toxic particles usually called the suspended particulate matter that can easily enter our lungs and damage the respiratory system.

We are one of the best-priced services in the market. Bursting crackers makes the matter worse for the already suffering public. Children who can not afford for education and other fundamental amenities are forced to work under such callous conditions.

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Essay On Pollution Due To Crackers

Get help with your writing. 1 through We should not burst crackers because they harm our environment by polluting it. As we burn crackers they release harmful gasses which effect our environment.

they also produce so much of noise and causes noise pollution. they are the cause of green house effect and hole in ozone layer. Bursting of firecracker increases the pollution level in our atmosphere.

Diwali 2017: Do’s and don’ts in case of hand burn while bursting crackers

Write an essay expressing for or against the statement. Feb 24,  · HARMFUL EFFECTS OF BURSTING CRACKERS!!! Diwali is round the corner and people must be busy shopping for clothes, sweets, candles, diyas and other puja materials at a feverish pace.

But does the shopping list also include crackers? This is a point to ponder for our public, which should be made aware of the ill-effects.

Bursting crackers essay writer
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